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The Girl's Guide to Being an Au Pair

Au Pair eBook by Talya Shoup

The Girl’s Guide to Being an Au Pair

This useful and charming book contains all the information your au pair needs to know about living and working abroad as an au pair.

Ms. Shoup's e-book will help prepare you and your au pair for the excitement and challenges of the Au Pair life. You will be prepared to handle everything from homesickness to problems with family conflict and much much more…This is a must read for anyone who is an au pair or a parent receiving an au pair.

 The Girl’s Guide to Being an Au Pair is a Must Read

It has lots of useful information written in a colorful, travel-style prose that reviews what it is like to be transported into a new culture and immerse yourself in its food, wine, people, customs and language.   A must read for prospective au pairs and host families and great fun for the rest of us!

Here is what’s inside:

  • Chapter 1 : What Exactly is an Au Pair? … Find out what the job is, as well as what it isn’t
  • Chapter 2: Do You Have What it Takes? … Learn what makes a great au pair (hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with loving children, believe it or not!)
  • Chapter 3: Where in the World Should I Go? … Practical info on different countries that are the most popular with au pairs
  • Chapter 4: Finding the Right Family to Work For … How to find out what you really need to know about a family
  • Chapter 5: Taking Care of Business … Negotiating a deal that is good for you and your host family
  • Chapter 6: Getting Ready to Go … What to prepare for and pack
  • Chapter 7: Surviving and Thriving in a New Country … Culture shock 101  – even seasoned travelers will benefit from the advice on how to live in an entirely different place
  • Chapter 8: Dealing with Daily Au Pair Stress … Practical tips to keep from going crazy on the bad days – although there shouldn’t be many of them!
  • Chapter 9: Making the Most of Your “Pocket Money” Budget … How to stretch your dollars (or Euros, or whichever currency you’re using…)
  • Chapter 10: Wrapping Things Up – Should I Stay or Should I go? Advice when deciding whether to extend the stay or go back home, including other options on extending your time abroad

If you are interested in ordering the book for you, or your au pair (or both) please visit the author's website, www.BestAuPairGuide.com

I love my copy and it is full of practical tips and advice.   I highly recommend it. 


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