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10 Safe Driving Tips for Au Pairs

10 Safe Driving Tips for Au Pairs

Here is our tried and true Top Safe Driving Tips for Au Pairs, starting with:  1. Speeding: Always observe the posted speed limits! If you are from Germany, you may have a "heavy foot" meaning you are accustomed to driving fast. Don’t speed! Speeding tickets are very expensive and your host parents will be upset because their insurance rates may go up if you get a ticket. You are responsible for speeding tickets, and fines can be between $100-$400 and more, depending on how fast you were going.

2. Passing: Do not ever pass another car, no matter how slow they are traveling. Most towns in America have much more traffic on their roads compared to even 15 years ago and passing is dangerous.

3. School Buses: Never, never pass a yellow school bus when it is stopped and flashing its yellow or red lights! This is the law in 50 states to protect school children who are getting off the bus and crossing the road. If you break this law, you endanger children’s lives and can get arrested, lose your license and end up paying a very steep fine.   Read the rest...

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