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Last week au pair officials from around the country were invited to Washington DC for a summit meeting.  At this meeting, they were informed that Congress wants to tax both au pairs and host families.  As you can image, au pair agencies are up in arms about this, as they should be.  These taxes would never be used by au pairs as Social Security payments, so what are they planning to do with these new revenues?

If you are against this proposal, please read and sign the letter opposing this new tax.  This letter is from Alliance, an advocacy organization for Cultural Exchange & International Education (most au pair agencies belong to Alliance):

Dear au pair host families,  

A proposal currently pending in Congress would, if enacted, impose a new 7.65% FICA tax burden on both au pairs and their American host families. We ask you to take two minutes today and send the letter below to your Senators and Representative, asking them to oppose the imposition of Social Security and Medicare tax on au pairs and their American host families.
Please act now, as this proposal will be voted on soon. You need only enter your name and zip code below, and the pre-written letter will be sent automatically to your Senators and Representative. (You may also edit the text of the letter if you wish.)
As background on this issue, Congress is currently working to pass an extension of the Payroll Tax Cut, which expires at the end of February. As part of this extension, Congress must find ways to pay for the resulting loss of revenue.
One proposal by the Senate Finance Committee to raise extra revenue would impose FICA (Social Security and Medicare) tax on all J-1 visa holders, including au pairs, and on their host families. If enacted, this proposal would require that au pairs and their host families each pay an additional 7.65% FICA tax.

Au pairs and other J-1 visa holders have always been exempt from FICA taxes because they return home after their programs and will never benefit from the Social Security or Medicare that these taxes fund. Thus, to impose these additional taxes on au pairs and American working families seems both inappropriate and unfair.
Sending the below letter will allow you to express your views in a matter of just a few minutes. It is critical that Congress hears from you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

Click here to send your letter (in only 2 minutes).

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