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Author Talya Shoup

Talya Shoup is a freelance writer and editor from Georgia, USA.  During her travels abroad, she spent time in Thailand, Israel, Turkey and several European countries.  Ms. Shoup spent one and a half years in Germany as an au pair.  She is passionate about helping young people and host families make the best of their au pair experiences.   In 2010, Ms. Shoup moved her family to Germany, where she currently resides.

Ms.Shoup is the owner of the popular blog, Best Au Pair Guide, full of tips and expert advice on and about au pairs! 

eBook:  For anyone interested in finding out more about the au pair life, the eBook, The Girl's Guide to Being an Au Pair, is for you.  It has lots of useful information written in a colorful, travel-style prose that reviews what it is like to be transported into a new culture and immerse yourself in its food, wine, people, customs and language.  A must read for prospective au pairs and host families and great fun for the rest of us! 

The eBook has ten chapters of advice and practical tips for the new au pair and would make a great gift for her welcome basket.  Read my review of this charming and helpful guide!

If you would like to purchase the eBook, please visit: http://www.bestaupairguide.com

Ms. Shoup's Articles & Interviews:

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Best Au Pair Guide Interviews Edina StoneAugust 7, 2011 - Talya Shoup, author of Best Au Pair Guide and owner of the popular au pair website, www.bestaupairguide.com, interviews Edina who discusses what American families want in their au pair!  Edina shares tips and advice on what makes a great au pair for today's active and busy families. 

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