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Spanish Au Pairs

Read this before you interview Spanish Au Pairs

Young Spanish women are seeking to work abroad as Au Pairs in the U.S. more than ever before due to the recent financial crisis that has hit Spain incredibly hard, pushing the unemployment level over 20% in 2010.  The labor force between the ages of 18-30 have been primarily affected by this crisis. Therefore, Spanish youth are expanding their horizons in order to gain new experiences and career opportunities abroad. 

Spanish Au Pairs can offer an excellent service, due to the concept of strong family values that is so prevalent in their culture. The tradition of the female acting as a role model in the home makes Spanish Au Pairs a good choice.  Most of these women have grown-up caring for younger brothers, sisters and cousins. Do younger Spanish women have the same great reputation for keeping the house tidy as older Spanish women? Are Spanish au pairs seasoned cooks too?

Many Spanish Au Pairs have a moderate - high level of English skills and are known to be energetic and fun.  America is a dream destination for many Spaniards because they can practice speaking English and get a taste of a completely new culture.

Are Spanish Au Pairs responsible, dedicated workers and would they make a great childcare worker for your children? 

Get the answers today with our comprehensive report that covers the motivations that drive Spanish au pairs to join the au pair program - find out their:

  • Potential Strengths
  • Potential Weaknesses 

Know More - Choose Better!

Read The Entire Report Here NOW:  Spain and Spanish Au Pairs

Read Our Exclusive Interview with Michael Cody, Director of Planet Au Pairs, the Largest Recruiting Agency in Spain! Michael tells us about the Spanish way of life, homesickness and why you should consider a Spanish au pair!

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