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Au Pair ClearingHouse
Au Pair Agency Reviews & Ratings
 September 11, 2012 Newsletter   
Dear Parent, 
The school season is upon us and most host families already have their au pairs settled into their homes, but if you are still looking for an au pair, it is never too late to match with today's most affordable childcare program that brings a touch of world charm and culture into your family's life!  Read our Agency Reviews & Ratings for the information you need to choose a reputable au pair program.  Not all agencies are the same.  Find that perfect agency that will match you with a reliable and experienced au pair.  Read our newest exclusive interview with Au Pair Foundation's Director and check out our FREE report on Japanese Au Pairs.  Au pairs from Japan are known for their patience, kindness and love of children.  
Happy Au Pairing and Happy Fall!

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Agency Director
Au Pair Foundation - Novato, California


In our exclusive interview, Au Pair Foundation's Director,  Mary Kass, talks about the exciting new changes at her au pair agency and how the economy is affecting the au pair industry.  Ms. Kass also shares her expert advice on how host parents can match with a great au pair.  This agency is known for its attention to details and knowledgeable staff.  
Finally, a better way to find the 
best au pair for your family!  
An Educated Parent Makes the Best Childcare Choices
Au Pair Foundation 
   Read more about this "boutique" au pair agency that prides itself on excellent customer service.  
One of the Major Trends for 2012 is the Japanese 
Au Pair
Au pairs from Japan are fast becoming popular with families that have multiple children.  Find out why on our FREE Report! 

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