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Mothers Know Best - Accessing Your Child's Medical Records

MotherKnows Launches at TechCrunch Disrupt

Secure service gives parents 24-hour access to comprehensive picture of child’s medical and health history for emergencies; also great time-saver
New York, NY (PRWEB) May 24, 2011 -- MotherKnows today launched their online platform at TechCrunch Disrupt, giving parents a way to instantly and securely access their children’s health records any time – from life-threatening emergencies to routine school, daycare and camp registrations – from a smartphone or easy-to-use website.
MotherKnows.com gives parents 24-hour access to their child’s medical records. The site and accompanying mobile app (free with subscription) provide a simple, secure, and comprehensive online Personal Health Record (PHR) for children, where parents can see critical information like past and upcoming immunizations, allergies and medical conditions, and a full record of all doctor visits – as well as growth charts, medications, and milestones. All the information on MotherKnows can be accessed directly by doctors or any other caregiver if authorized by parents.
Parents don’t have to do anything except sign a release form and confirm information as it is processed. MotherKnows’ founders feel the site is a long overdue tool for parents to access their children’s full health records – for emergency situations, but also to make life easier for overwhelmed parents coping with demands for those same records by schools, camps, sports, and even daycare as a precondition to registering.
“We had to do it!” said MotherKnows co-founder Hesky Kutscher. “There’s so much information that can be accessed ‘easily and instantly’ these days, but medical information hasn’t been among that. But now, we’re giving parents the ability to pull up their child’s entire medical history whenever they want, which is sure to make for much more efficient doctor’s visits, emergency care, insurance conversations – and yes, those dreaded registrations.”

Co-founder Greg Goff added that MotherKnows worked with a Medical Advisory panel to insure the data was medically appropriate. Also the site development followed state of the art security implementation to ensure that all data was “double secure”, consistent with the guidelines of the Federal HIPAA and HITECH acts.
Main Benefits
The MotherKnows Personal Health Record (PHR) provides parents with a comprehensive view of their child’s
medical records, including access to:
• Immunization records (given and upcoming –MotherKnows sends reminders)
• Growth charts, height, weight
• Current prescriptions
• Diagnosed medical conditions
• Allergies and long-term conditions
• Growth and development milestones
• PDF’s and images of all documents on file

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