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Best & Worst Au Pair Counselors

Host Parents Rate Satisfaction Their Counselors - 2014 

Counselors, LCCs or Regional Representatives are very important to the overall success of the match between host families and their au pairs.

Providing expert local support is key in the overall perception of customer satisfaction for each agency.

Counselors are the local agency staff that is assigned to each family and au pair and their duties are numerous:

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  • Provides ongoing support and assistance throughout the year

  • Offers monthly meetings to the local au pairs

  • Maintains monthly contact with both host parent and au pair

  • Provides assistance to both families and au pairs with health problems, college courses, driving issues and childcare.

  • Provides ongoing safety and childcare workshops for au pairs

  • Provides advice and counseling when problems arise

Host Families Rate their Satisfaction with their Counselors

  • Only TWO Larger Agency Receive Top Ratings from their Host Parents  
  • A Smaller Au Pair Agency Receives the Highest Ratings (86%)!
  • Over HALF of all Agencies Receive HIGHEST RATINGS! (In the "Very Good - Excellent" Range)
  • Over HALF of all the 14 agencies fall into the LOWEST category, ranging from only 18%-42% Satisfaction 

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