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Au Pairs and Not Nannies?

Au Pairs and Not Nannies?

There are a number of differences between an au pair and a nanny that you should be aware of before making a decision either way but here we discuss the advantages of an au pair over a nanny.

Benefits of an Au Pair over a Nanny: Training  Au pairs that are recruited from U.S.A. government sanctioned programs are required to be trained in CPR, first aid, child development and to show documented proof of childcare experience by a third party. Nanny training varies greatly today.

The term "nanny" used to refer to a woman who was professionally trained in all aspects of childcare and whose skills were highly valued and sought after. Nowadays, anyone can call themselves a "nanny" and their training can be very inconstistent from agency to agency. Usually they are older women without any other occupational training except babysitting.

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