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At the Clearinghouse, we have the information & tools you need to make sound, safe and reliable decisions about hosting au pairs. 

We offer more survey results, reports, ratings, articles, advice and interviews than anywhere else on the internet or in print. 

Daily Au Pair Industry News & Au Pair Agency Updates

We post news stories and press releases on the au pair industry daily just for members only.  Au Pair Clearinghouse is your Number #1 resource and "how-to" guide for our valued members who understand that educated parents make the best childcare choices.

Here you will find out about any newly released information that will help you match with the best au pair for your family's childcare needs.

What's New?

Preview Some of Our Most Popular Reports:

Au Pair Clearinghouse searches the au pair industry for new trends, timely news stories and press releases, agency discounts, new program features and more!  We review new books and guides on au pairs and we interview key players and au pair experts that define the au pair cultural exchange program. 

Other Premium Articles and Reviews:

Ratings & Reviews for All Au Pair Agencies!

  • 2014 Reviews & Ratings - and our popular Top Au Pair Agency Picks chosen by host parents like yourself.  New Driving reviews; English Skills; Agencies with Best Counselors; Best Au Pair Screening Methods and much more!

Don't forget - Premium Members have are access to over 1600 premium pages of information, articles, interviews, etc., and so much more!

Visit our resource sections: All About Au Pairs,  Au Pair Agencies, News Stories, Press Releases and Interviews. 

To read what other host parents are saying, go to Edina's blog. 

Before you Choose an Au Pair Agency we Suggest you Read these Helpful Articles:

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