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About AuPairClearinghouse

We are parents just like you.  As parents, we understand your concern with finding good, safe and reliable childcare.  Au pairs can offer great childcare through one of the 13 au pair agencies in the United States.  However, not all agencies are the same!  They all recruit, screen and match their au pairs differently.  Parents want peace of mind and quality childcare.  We can connect you with the best au pair agencies in the country. 

AuPairClearinghouse reviews and compares United States au pair agencies by conducting customer surveys and expert consumer satisfaction research.  Our staff are among the most qualified and experienced professionals in the au pair industry dedicated to providing factual, unbiased and useful information to parents who are choosing one of the most popular childcare choices available today! 

AuPairClearinghouse is the nation's first and only online expert consumer resource on au pairs. We provide parents with reliable information on the au pair programs to ensure that you find the best au pair that fits your childcare needs! 

Edina Stone, Founder & Director, started AuPairClearinghouse to guide parents through the confusing maze of over a dozen U.S.A au pair agencies that offer different program costs, have hidden fees and use different screening methods and matching processes, etc.  With almost a decade of au pair experience under her belt, she is an expert in the au pair industry.  With a psychology and sociology background, Ms. Stone, who is also well-traveled, has a deep understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.  She is a writer, researcher and mother of 3 children.  Ms. Stone is currently writing a book on au pairs.

Matthew I. Siman, Marketing Consultant, is a graduate of American University, Washington DC.  Matthew handles AuPairClearinghouse’s promotional, marketing and advertising activities, including the development of our online presence and social media networks.  Matthew's varied skills in business, computer and social media experience has proven to be a wonderful addition to our growing business! 

M. Lawrence Simon, Ph.D,  Research & Evaluation Director, is a psychologist with more than 35 years of professional mental health experience. He holds a Masters in Testing and Measurement from Temple University and a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University. Dr. Siman conducts our customer satisfaction surveys and helps write our reviews and reports.  He also answers questions from host parents on our Family Forums.

CONTACT US:  Please send questions about your membership account to edinastone@aupairclearinghouse.com - thank you!

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